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We think President Obama should:

Implore China to prevent Tibetan self-burning suicides by lifting suppression of Tibet’s religion and cultural practices

Traditional values of Tibetan culture–nonviolence, ethics, compassion—universally benefit our human societies. It is not acceptable for an imperial power that rejects constructive dialogue to systematically dissolve Tibetan practices of livelihood, language, and religion without dynamic challenge by our government and news media, supported by global citizen dissent. 100 youth have burned themselves alive in protest. The US must separate economics from horrific suffering and take a moral stand. Enough young lives sacrificed! Enough political cowardice! We the People do not condone China’s cultural genocide in Tibet and declare that the PRC’s own national treasures are of no value, nor worthy of world respect, unless it demonstrates a fair, humane policy toward the rights of Tibetan people.

Live Video Stream of Sand Mandala

We are streaming a video feed from the sanctuary where the sand mandala is being created. The event starts on Sunday Jan 19th at 9:00am Pacific Time. The mandala will take several days to complete and will then be on public display until the closing of Tibet Week, January 26th.

The video stream is available on, search for “sbtibet” or click here.

Tibet Week!

We are up and running and our first event is Tibet Week in Santa Barbara!

It’s being held January 20th thru 26th, 2013 in various locations throughout Santa Barbara, California. Click EVENTS for a schedule.