SBST Introduction

We seek your help for the people of Nepal

On April 25, 2015 and again on May 12th massive earthquakes struck Nepal and Kathmandu, its capital city. The devastation that resulted is truly heartbreaking. The people of Nepal have had their world turned upside down and thousands of lives have been lost.

Join with us in our efforts to help the people of Nepal

Please visit the Human Potential Fund for Nepal to make a direct donation. You will be helping the people of Nepal. You can also learn more about team members Thepo Tulku and Uttam Giri, who have personal connections to Nepal. A donation to the fund goes directly to the people who live in the affected areas. Even one dollar is a lot right now, the wage in Nepal is about $60 US dollars per month.

Think how far $50 will go!
$500 will build a basic house.
$10 will be a big help too.

Venerable Thepo Rinpoche & linked2pay developer, Uttam Giri (right) at The Sacred Space in Summerland, CA


Santa Barbara Summit for Tibet (SBST)” is the coming together of the mountains of Santa Barbara and the high peaks Tibet representing the highest of human striving and flourishing.   Tibetan exiles and members of the Santa Barbara community have come together for the cultural legacy of Tibet; for its preservation and sharing with the global community.

The goal of SBST is to increase awareness in our city of the cultural, philosophical and spiritual richness an alliance between Tibetan exiles and local citizens would generate. While many initiatives for Tibet already exist, we feel that Santa Barbara is a mature and civic-minded community that would contribute to, and benefit from the exchange of similar and unique values and practices that our two cultures share.

Tibet and Santa Barbara represent two distinct worlds and yet share everything in common, most of all our desire for a just, peaceful, and sustainable human community.


TO SUPPORT the establishment of a long term contemplative center, and other learning program and facilities.

TO ASSIST the wellbeing of the Tibetan-American community through employment and settlement, including support for their long cherished dreams of building a “Photrang”, a special residence for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

TO ESTABLISH a community cultural center that will have programs and lectures; cultural, educational, spiritual, and artistic.

TO FIND creative ways to effect change in the hearts and minds of the Chinese leadership concerning the human and political crisis in Tibet.